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500 pound capacity TV shelf is no longer available

Heavy duty television shelf with full extension slides

500 pound capacity television shelf with swivel

Need a television swivel shelf with high capacity and full extension?

This unit features a five hundred pound dynamic load capacity and 22 1/8" extension. Even if your TV only weighs 110 pounds this unit will give you the extension and stability that today's Plasma TV's demand. You provide a shelf for the top of the Lazy Susan or we can build a Custom Topper for you. Available with either an 18" or 22" diameter turntable. Take a look at the specification chart below and for more information look at the specifications page. There are very few of these units left as the manufacturer discontinued them several years ago

Model Slide Length Extension loss Swivel Diameter  Height MM/IN
TV871-18 575mm / 22.64" 12mm / .5" 442mm / 17.4" 91mm / 3.58"

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