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Thank you

We say thank you to our customers with every email we send
we wanted a place to share some of the thanks we receive back

Better late than never…

Back February I ordered and you delivered a first-class pull out TV shelf for my new Pioneer Plasma HD TV. I asked you to slightly modify the height of the front panel to accompany my installation specifics (I mounted it on top of a 3/4 inch plywood piece which attached to the only stud in the cubby that I had to work with. Anyway it came out almost perfect, I mis-measured slightly and the front piece could have been 3/16 wider.

Anyway I wanted to commend you on a nice product, it pulls and swivels with ease, and at parties most of the guys seek me out to ask who built it :)

Keep up the good work and good service, get you company's name out there, and satisfy the needs of guys like me, who with a little help from experts, can do a pretty darn good job on projects like this.


Rick Pugh

So many times we gripe and complain when something is wrong, but often we fail to notify those who do something right.  That's the reason for this email.
In December I ordered the swivel, sliding 225 pound TV shelf (Order # 004935).  The order was promptly sent and was much better than expected.  I recruited a girl friend and we added a top shelf and installed the whole thing one afternoon.  It is OUTSTANDING!!!!  Thank you for an EXCELLENT product and outstanding service. 
Sincerely, Liz Hurt

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to inform you of how pleased I was with your product. From the moment I cut into the carton and saw the care in which it was packaged for shipment to the installation into my cabinet with your provided hardware; I was totally impressed. As a tool and die maker, it is great to see a company take such pride in their workmanship. Thanks for giving me faith in the remaining manufacturers in this country.


Tom Danielson

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