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DVD Flip Strips

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DVD Storage strips

Flip strip storage for your DVDs


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DVD strips were discontinued

 We are checking to find another source for these flip strips

Neatly store DVD's, making it very easy to flip and pick your desired selection. DVD flip strip allows media to be oriented with either the front cover or end title showing. Flip strip is black, it is one meter long (39" 3/8") and 4 1/4" deep (front to back). There are 4 slots per strip depth of 4 1/4". A full length of strip can hold 28 DVDs in the upright position.  Flip strip can be cut shorter to fit, or for larger storage needs sections can easily be butted up against one another to accommodate virtually any flat surface. There are two self adhesive strips on the bottom to allow for simple installation. The strips can also be glued or screwed to you shelf. These work perfectly when combined with our economy shelf and full extension slides. If you purchase an economy shelf for use with the DVD strips we will cut the strips to fit the shelf.
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