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225 pound TV shelf installed

Installed 225 pound TV swivel system

Here is a simple design for a custom TV shelving using our 225 pound system with a 3/4" thick MDF top shelf. The system that we sell is the TV slide out swivel mechanism only which includes all of the hardware for a tv sliding shelf including the sliding platform and swivel plate but it does not come with the shelf that the TV sits on. You can make your own shelf such as the one here or we can make one for you. This shelf just has a front cleat to add support and to hide the sliding mechanism when the shelf is closed. We like to add side cleats when we are building shelves to add more strength and to further hide the mechanism especially when the TV sliding shelf is extended. Notice the angle cut in the back of the TV shelf. This allows the television to swivel even though the rear of the shelf is still inside the niche. We use 3/4" MDF for our shelf tops. We round over the edges when building shelves for a nice finished look. On this TV sliding shelf we textured the shelf to match the drywall alcove or entertainment center that this TV shelf was being installed in. 

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Custom tv shelving pull out shelves swivel television shelf

If you would like an estimate for custom tv shelving email us with your location dimensions and the dimensions of your television. The average price for a custom top shelf is about $150 and it is paint ready. That is for the shelf only and does not include the slideout swivel unit. If you are handy building shelves should be no problem. You can make your own shelf or you can find someone that is building shelves locally and avoid the shipping cost. 

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