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225 System

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225-14 TV pull out shelf

Pull-out Slide and Swivel Shelf for Televisions

14" Extension Pullout TV Swivel Shelf

pull out shelf television shelves TV swivel shelf slide out TV shelves

14" Extension TV swivel shelf
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Perfect for accessing your television in your armoire or your entertainment center. Pull out television shelves give you easier access to the back of your television. They also allow you to pullout your television and angle it for the best view. This pull out TV swivel shelf features 360 degree rotation with smooth action glides. Heavy duty 225 pound capacity 14" extension ball bearing slides with end stops provide a smooth ride for your TV. This is the mechanism for a TV pull out swivel shelf as seen in the picture. The 16" square top plate has holes for attaching your shelf. You can make a custom top shelf to match your installation and attach it to this slide out swivel television shelf. We also offer a 3/4" MDF Custom Topper shelf for this system. Take a look at a finished install of a TV pull out shelf. The unit in the picture was a prototype and does not include the side cleats as we use now. Designed for up to a 36" CRT television we find these work fine for today's flat screen sets that are up to 46" and we have customers that have had great sucess on sets up to 52". This unit as all of the television slideouts is rated based on a balanced load placed in the center of the swivel. If you have a LCD or Plasma set you can use this system but make sure to center the weight of the set on the center of the swivel or counter balance the TV with something on the back of the swivel. For larger LCD and plasma sets you should look at our 450 pound and our 500 pound systems instead of this unit. For detailed specifications look here. As with all pull out television shelves be sure to secure any structure that has a slide out TV shelf installed. You may need to anchor a cabinet to the wall or floor to be sure the structure will not tip when the TV shelf is extended with the television in place. Available in black only, in stock and ready to ship. Usually ships in two to three business days

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